Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Intrigues and love triangles, sex and sin...

History is full of sexy stories. Intrigues and love triangles. Sex and sin. Stories of seduction and betrayal captivating audiences for as long as time has been recorded. From the books of the bible through the oral legends of ancient Ireland and the Celts, the romance of the highlanders and the exploits of Greek and Roman Gods, sex definitely sells. It's no different today, so no wonder steamy stories are still among the bestsellers lining our bookshelves, often surrounding the plots with the very myths that set our imaginations and libidos soaring!

I've always had romance and sex in my books. A natural coming together of hero and heroine, but lately I've decided to let my characters spend a little more time between the sheets while they're between the pages of their respective stories.

Why? Because sometimes being bad feels pretty good!

Naughty and nice aren't mutually exclusive, and nice girls like to walk on the wild side, too! I'm definitely a member of the naughty and nice club, and to celebrate that I've decided to write these novellas!

Interest piqued? Wanna hear more?

Most of you know my Cursed by Blood Saga of supernatural thrillers. To spice things up I've taken characters and elements from these stories and created a new series of novellas titled The Red Veil Diaries...yup, named after the dangerously seductive Vampire Club from my book Twice Cursed.  It's starts with CHOOSE ME...a short BBW novelette featuring a super hot vampire named Miguel!

Never one for the party scene, Rose Landry is content with life. Quiet but independent, she has a bright career, friends and family. She's comfortable, and exactly where she always thought she'd be. But something is missing. A need she's denied until a chance meeting brings her face to face with a shadowed world she only dreamed existed, awakening her most wanton, secret desires. His name? Miguel Leon. Seductive and dark, he opens her to pleasures that only live in fantasy and the supernatural, leaving her craving more of him and where their passion might lead.

To be honest, reading erotic romance was as much a guilty pleasure of mine as watching reality TV, but writing it was much more fun...but whoa was it hard work! You would think writing about seduction would be as easy as closing your eyes and fantasizing about your hottest book boyfriend! But it's not...there are layers to seduction...emotions and physical reactions a writer needs to capture before they get to the bump and grind. Research was never so exhausting and satisfying at the same time! *wink wink*

The RED VEIL DIARIES continues with TEMPT ME, TEASE ME AND TASTE ME available now.

The Vampire Bitch…
Control is something Abigail Bigly lives for—that and watching those beneath her, twist. She’s scratched her way to the top of New York’s vampire inner circle, reveling in her position as proprietor of The Red Veil, the city’s trendiest hot spot and underground center of their shrouded domain. However, being a member of the vampire elite doesn’t mean you can deny your master. When she’s ordered to work closely with one certain Were, she can’t refuse no matter how strongly she objects.

The Forbidden is the Hardest to Resist.
Sent to help keep New York’s shadow houses clear of the deadly virus that nearly wiped out the vampires of New York, Dash Collier has his work cut out for him. Especially when teamed with a woman who’d sooner tear his heart out and eat it than look at him. But neither is prepared for the rush when dangerous passions ignite, crushing old taboos. Is it simply hate-born lust or could it be something more?

So? Has the Red Veil Diaries sparked a tingle of interest? I hope so because there are more scheduled for release throughout the spring.

Here's wishing you all a happy, healthy and SEXY New Year! I hope 2016 brings all that you desire...and even a few secret ones as well!

Marianne Morea

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